Built on a legacy of fighting for freedom and justice.

Established in 2021 as a response to ongoing attacks on voting rights in Texas, Push Democracy Forward is a 501c4 organization. Our focus is to engage, educate and get to the polls, marginalized and rural voters in Texas.

We believe participation in democracy is a sacred responsibility. Democracy is the sacred foundation of a truly free society.

Push Democracy Forward is committed to preserving, protecting and promoting democracy. This means vigorously defending the right to vote for all citizens; educating, engaging and activating voting citizens in urban and rural communities across Texas and the US. It means fighting discriminatory tactics of “Poisonous Partisanship” through truthful information, legislation and civil disobedience. – James Dixon, II, D. Min.

Fundamental to democracy is the unencumbered right to vote. This sacred right empowers the people with the ability to elect leaders and to make laws of their choice.

Presently, the foundation democracy – the right to vote – is under attack.


Transform the US culture into a democracy to fully serve the interests of marginalized people.


Increase spiritual, economic and community well-being for marginalized people through the democratic process.

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